A Beautiful Home
Looking for a New Tenant.

A Beautiful Home
Looking for a New Tenant.


This is one of the Virtual Tours that we did for one of our South African Real Estate Agents. Virtual Tours are a awesome way of Selling property to potential clients!

Doll house virtual tour view


360° Image Virtual Tour

360 panorama image

How do you view the Virtual Tour above?

Here are some instructions on how to view the Virtual Tour above:

  • Click on the Play Button to Start the virtual tour.
  • The “Doll House” or “Floor Plan” view will open, pick a spot with your mouse that you would like to view and click on it.
  • You will now move into the 3D Virtual Tour.
  • To move around simply hold down your left mouse button, and move your mouse left or right, or up and down.
  • If you want to move from one spot to another, simply point your mouse to where you want to move and click your left mouse button to move to that spot.
  • To view the virtual tour in full screen (This is the recommended view for virtual tours. Look for the Full Screen icon on the right bottom part and click on it. (The virtual tour will now open in Full Screen mode.)
  • You can also view the Virtual Tour in Virtual Reality. To view the virtual tour in virtual reality. (Click on the Virtual Reality Icon at the right bottom to view the tour in virtual reality).

Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents
We specialize in Virtual Reality for Real Estate Agents.

Virtual Tours is not just a hot technology or gimmick, it is one of the BEST Tools Real Estate agents can use today to sell properties online, sell properties showing clients homes in virtual reality and can also be used to sign up new home sellers easily!

How We Work

This is just a short guideline on how the process of working with us works. Usually either our clients will contact us directly or one of our marketing agents may contact new and prospecting clients.

We will then meet with the client and show them some of our previous work, and introduce them to our Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours. Seeing virtual tours only on the website is impressive but not as amazing as seeing it in real life in Virtual Reality.

We will then discuss the different options and services that we have available and sign a contract with our client and work out a custom pricing structure.

If you are interested in a Virtual Tour, or would like to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality in your business you can contact Ronel Ferreira on Cell: +27 72 9722 724.

virtual reality headset

How do we create virtual tours?

This is a short description on how we create virtual tours.

  • Our client (Real Estate Agent, Property Developer, Architect or Marketing Agency) will contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our Virtual Tour Photographers to scan the property.
  • We will confirm the booking and arrange the date for the shoot.
  • We will arrive at the property on the day and either meet with the client at the property, but can also manage the client on behalf of our client.
  • We will walk through the house to inspect the house and make sure that we can scan the house without interference and adjust small things where necessary.
  • We will unfortunately not move furniture around, or move boxes and breakables. It is important that when we scan the house, the owner and client knows that the house is scanned as is, and that they should arrange that the house is in photo perfect condition.
  • Once we are happy that there will not be interference while scanning the property we will start scanning the house.
  • The process could take between 1 hour and 3 hours to scan a house depending on its size.
  • Within 48 hours we will make the Virtual Reality Tour available to our clients.
  • We could as an additional service also photograph the house, while scanning the house.

Real Estate Photography
Sample of Images we took while doing the Virtual Tour.

As part of our virtual tour scan, we can also take photographs for you! This is just one of the extras that are available if you do a virtual tour with us!

Virtual Tours will help you sell properties easier and faster! It just makes business sense!

Virtual Tours makes it easier for you and your agents to sell properties. The virtual tours can be used online as part of your website, or you can embed it into your online advertising or property listings!

Talk to us about Virtual Tours today!

If you are interested in virtual reality tours contact Ronel Ferreira today on Cell: +27 72 9722 724 for more information!


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