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Below is one of the Virtual Tours that we created for the Audi Sandton Dealership. In this virtual tour you can view the Audi dealership and walk through the Audi dealership as if you were actually on the Audi dealership floor. Using virtual tours like the one below is a neat way of showing potential clients that you operate a reputable business and also providing them with the opportunity to view your business.

In this case clients can view some of the cars that the Audi Dealership have on the floor and view these cars, potentially finding one of the cars interesting and contact the dealership to purchase the car.

View the Audi Sandton Virtual Tour – New Cars

Audi Sandton Pre-Owned Vehicles

Audi Sandton Virtual Tour in Google Street View - Screenshot

Below is a screenshot of the Audi Dealership as it is listed in Google Maps / Google Street view. The important thing to notice in the screenshot below is the link in Google Maps that says 360° View. All Businesses in Google Local and Google Street View and Google Maps have the 360° View button. This is a huge opportunity for businesses that wants to get more traffic from Google. If you have a Virtual Tour and if it is published to Google Maps that button gets activated. Because your business have a Virtual Tour it will naturally rank higher in Google than a business without a Virtual Tour!



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