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We recently created a virtual tour for the Supa Quick Centurion Lifestyle branch. We created this virtual tour to showcase the ultra modern technology used by this Supa Quick branch to fit tyres, batteries and shocks, and their state of the art wheel aligning system, allowing them to align wheels on all their workshop bays.

The main reason for the virtual tour, however is to drive more customers to the Super Quick Centurion branch. Virtual Tours help businesses to drive more customers through their doors, by simply having a virtual tour published into Google Maps. How does this work? Basically Google created Google Streetview and allows publishers like the Virtual Tour company to publish into Google Maps. Google Maps is a giant search engine with more that 1 Billion Monthly users who uses Google Maps to find businesses in their area. By having a virtual tour Google rewards customers with more Search Engine Optimization points, allowing the business with a virtual tour more visibility than a business without a virtual tour.

How does Virtual Tours drive clients to your business

Google is the biggest Search Engine Platform in the world. It helps Billions of people everyday to find businesses online. We live in a era where people turn to the internet to find local businesses and not to Telephone directories. Google Maps have more than 1 Billion Monthly users in Google Maps. By being prominent in Google Search and Google Maps drive more clients to your business.


The 360° View button is part of every Google’s Business Listing pages on Google Maps and Google Local. The business that offers a virtual tour, or as they like to call it 360° Views benefit from adding it to their Google Maps Listings and rank better in Google than the businesses that doesn’t have it!

Below is a screenshot of the Actual Supa Quick Centurion Lifestyle Franchise. Have a look at the screenshot below with the 360° view button on it!



Below is a actual screenshot of one of the searches that we have done for “Supa Quick Centurion” and Google Local and Google Maps come up first in the listing with our clients details on it! Making it the most likely business people will contact – driving direct sales to the business.


It is NOT ABOUT the Virtual Tour, but it is the Virtual Tour that drives more traffic to your website!

It might sound strange, but the virtual tour is something that is really cool to have! Afterall people can see what your business is about by browsing the virtual tour. The true power of a virtual tour if published to Google Maps is the fact that it helps your business to rank better in Google for local Searches relevant to your Business!

Virtual Tour in Google Maps Street View

Below is the virtual tour of the Supa Quick Centurion Lifestyle branch as it is in Google Maps. You can view the virtual tour below. As a added benefit this virtual tour will be available everywhere where Google Maps are embedded into websites.


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